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Best of Broads

We simply couldn’t keep these bold, fun, and inspiring stories about Broads in action buried in the archives. Enjoy this sampling of our broad and boisterous history! And, start here with our 30th celebration video about Broads.

Wild & Scenic Film Festival | 2018
Great Old Broads for Wolves Film

Part origin story of the Great Old Broads for Wilderness and part rally cry for protection of wolves, this film shows the power of women coming together to not only find their own voice, but to be a voice for wildness.

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Adventure Pro Magazine | 2019
Mountain Vitals: Women in the Outdoors

Broads Executive Director, Shelley Silbert, is highlighted among outstanding women in the outdoors. The sub-header says it all: “These women have rocked the boat in the outdoors, and they did it just by being themselves.”

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High Country News | 2013
Great Old Broads for Wilderness Laugh and Learn

Typical of tales of the west, this one chronicles the grit and lightheartedness required of protecting wilderness over the long-term.  Older women seems to have what it takes.

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Central Oregon News | Sept. 2017
The Great Outdoors: Great Old Broads for Wilderness

The Central Oregon Bitterbrush Broadband is featured in this video news segment, highlighting the Broads’ signature spirit of camaraderie and fun while protecting Oregon’s wild and public lands.

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High Country News | July 2009
Great Old Broads Celebrate 20 Years of Hiking and Advocacy 

Twenty years of being the voice of women in the conservation movement is worth celebrating. In addition to humor and collaboration, Broads’ belief in ‘wilderness tithing’, a phrase coined by founding member Ginger Harmon, is a cornerstone of the Broads’ philosophy—to give back to the public lands we love.

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Ms. Magazine | Oct. 2010
Great Old Broads Take on Washington

It’s not every day that a handful of women in their sixties play a game using leaf blowers and a large yellow ball on the National Mall in Washington. But such antics are par for the course for Great Old Broads for Wilderness, which enjoys environmentalism spiced with a healthy mix of hilarity.

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AARP | 2009
Tattle Trails

A group of Broads’ hikers with cameras, AKA “the evidence arm of the environmental movement,” uses data to keep vehicles from ruining the West’s wildest lands.

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Walden Woods Project | 2017
Global Environmental Challenge Award

The Walden Woods Project recognized Broads for its unique approach to environmental challenges which has created new opportunities and solutions to protecting public lands.

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Public Lands Gathering | 2017
Democracy & Grassroots Activism

Video – “Grassroots activism…is essential to democracy” says Shelley Silbert, Executive Director of Great Old Broads for Wilderness. This video expresses the core philosophy of Broads and the power of female leadership in the conservation movement.

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Outside Magazine | 2016
Meet the Ragtag Coalition of Birders
and Grannies Taking on Bundy

Armed with assault hand mixers and tactical rolling pins, Broads shared a message that “could tuck the tail of even the most camo’d up militiaman.”

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The Source Weekly | 2017
Grannies Against Bullies Protest

Great Old Broad, Alice Elshoff, leads the Grannies Against Bullies rally against the Bundy takeover of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

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Outdoor Idaho PBS | 1996
Never Say Quit

This PBS video showcases inspirational stories of several people who are older than most of their colleagues, but are still active and enjoying what they do. Fast forward to 19:58 seconds to view this early days piece on Great Old Broads for Wilderness.

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