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Date Topic
January 24 Let’s Meet Emily!

Meet and Greet Emily Loubsky, one of Broads’ new Grassroots Regional Coordinators (GRCs). Learn some fun things about Emily and her role within the Grassroots Leadership Program. Emily is here to provide support to the Broadbands in the Northwest Region of the country including the Broadbands in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.

January 19 All About the Forest Service Old-Growth Amendment

Join Great Old Broads and Mike Anderson from The Wilderness Society to learn about the nationwide Old-Growth Amendment.

January 18 What’s happening at the Okefenokee Wildlife Refuge?

Our GRITS (Georgia) Broadband Leaders, Anne Heikkila & Jean Millkey, have been collaborating with the Executive Director of the Okefenokee Swamp Park & Okefenokee Adventures, Kim Bednarek, to address current priorities for the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge (Florida-Georgia). Please join us in supporting our Southeast Broadband at 4:00 pm Eastern Time/2:00 pm Mountain Time as we discuss challenges and opportunities near the Okefenokee Swamp, including proposed mining permits, the Okefenokee Protection Act, and the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge’s World Heritage Site bid.

January 10 Let’s Meet Julie!
Date: 1/10/2024 Time: 4pm Mountain

Let’s Meet Julie!

Date: 1/10/2024

Time: 4pm Mountain

Meet and Greet Julie Savage, one of Broads’ new Grassroots Regional Coordinators (GRCs). Learn some fun things about Julie and her role within the Grassroots Leadership Program. Julie is here to provide support for every Broadband from her corner of Georgia, but will specifically coordinate twelve Broadbands across the country. These Broadbands include the Crest to Coast (CA), Eastern Sierra (CA), Inland Empire (CA), Redwood (CA), San Diego Wild Spaces (CA), Wild L.A. (CA), GRITS (GA), Northeast Iowa/Driftless, Wild Waters (MN), Nebraska, Nor’easters (currently NH, MA, VT, & ME), and Mobile Broadbands.

December 9 Test Call – not a real call

Let’s try to figure out why this darn form won’t work.


October 25 Meet and Greet Audrey Glendenning

Meet and Greet Audrey Glendenning, Broads’ new Grassroots Advocacy Manager. Learn about her role within the Grassroots Leadership Program, and how she adds new depth to our program. We will also check-in with each other and discuss Grassroots Leadership Program goals as we bring on new Grassroots Regional Coordinators.

July 19 All Things Membership
12pm MDT
Wednesday, July 19th
12:00pm MDT
We invite you to join Jane Lindsey, Broads’ Membership Program Coordinator, for a refresher course on All Things Membership. You’ll learn practical skills for navigating the Broadband Leadership Dashboard membership tools (contact lists and google groups), including an overview of membership, how we communicate with the new/existing members, renewals, and much more. Do you have a membership question that you’d like included in the training? Feel free to send it in advance to Jane at 385-9577. We look forward to connecting with you over Zoom!
June 28 Advancing the America the Beautiful For All Coalition’s Policy Agenda
5pm MDT

The date and time is a placeholder for now until we confirm more speakers. Stay tuned.

In the fall of 2022, we were honored that our Executive Director Sara Husby was selected as a key participant in the America the Beautiful for All Coalition (ATB4ALL) as a part of the Public Lands Workgroup. It is the largest coalition working to advance the 30X30 initiative and represents nearly 150 organizations including International Union for the Conservation of Nature, Outdoor Afro, Green Latinos, Earthjustice, and Children’s Environmental Health Network.

On this webinar, Sara and others from the coalition will share accomplishments and key updates so far.

May 31 How to Protect Mature & Old Growth Forests during the USDA’s Public Comment Period
5pm MDT

On April 20, 2023, the Biden-Harris Administration Announced New Steps for Climate Resilience and Forest Conservation, releasing the first ever nationwide definition of, and inventory for, mature and old growth forest, a reforestation report, the Climate Risk Viewer, and the Advance Notice for Proposed Rulemaking.  The public has until June 20th to have their voice heard during this important rulemaking process, so please join us for this webinar!

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Found 8 evaluations. Click on table headers to order by columns.

Call Date Call Name Participant Name Call Feedback Further Comments & Questions
Di Allison

Super easy to understand, I think. Newbies were asking appropriate questions. Great to be able to have headquarters Dashboard on and those who needed it have theirs on because that enabled them to ask questions they might not have been aware of before.

Nope. Thanks.

Linda McNeill

It was well organized and clear. The slides described the process of adding contacts as well as members. I have not added contacts, but I will in the future.

Not at this time.

Barb Fox-Kilgore

It was well organized giving good background and step by step on how the membership travels between HQ and BB.
Hearing other members way of recruiting was good and felt there is a lot of shared approaches.

I look forward to reviewing the recording and going over the steps /time line of membership from HQ to BB to better imprint.

Linda Pace

I think it could be broken into 2 parts: the theory( flow charts and why we do things) and then the practice( those pesky tabs and spread sheets).
I learned so much, though, about contact lists and new members and what happens next. One of the best parts was sharing how different bands deal with communicating with their group.

I still don’t quite get the “claiming” new members part. the word “Google Group” sets my head to spinnin’.

February 15, 2023 Why are Grazed Public Lands such a Mess? Arleen Richter

I liked the presentation because it was concise and meaninglful.

This is a very important topic, I just wish we could have the meetings in person.

February 15, 2023 Why are Grazed Public Lands such a Mess? Cuyler Boughner

I had attended the two day grazing conference in Salt Lake City last June so this was an excellent recap and summary of the issues and data presented there. These three presenters gave a very “user friendly” yet highly professional basis of how grazing is literally at the root of big environmental problems. I greatly appreciate their openness in being contacted in the future with questions, etc.

February 15, 2023 Why are Grazed Public Lands such a Mess? Laura Glismann

The variety of speakers, their different roles and perspectives on the issue made the Zoom meeting very interesting.

I’d like to view the Zoom call again and take better notes for future action. It is attached to your email. Thank you.

February 15, 2023 Why are Grazed Public Lands such a Mess? Rynda Clark

Well worth my time.

Wish we had more time for questions.

Adam Bronsteins resource handout was very useful for informing where we can make a difference as Broads