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2019 Activity Report Explorer

Rio Grande Valley Broadband • Entered by Susan Ostlie on September 30, 2019

Cibola NF – Mt Taylor/Zuni Mt. Collaborative meeting

September 10, 2019

Participants and Hours

Pre Planning hours 0.5
Post Admin hours 0.5
Activity Hours 4
Participants 3
Total Hours 13

Key Issue: Landscape-level Planning
Activity Type: Advocacy (rallies, lobbying, meeting decision makers, letters/calls/emails)
Key Partners: NM Native Plant Society, SWCDs, Zuni Mt. Trails coalition, city and county officials, Mt Taylor RD personnel, etc.
Landscape/area: Cibola National Forest (1616435 acres)

Short Description of Activity

Met for committee and forest service reports and workshop on writing effective comments. Also there was discussion of recommended wilderness in the Mt. Taylor RD; pros and cons of management.


Goal is always to lobby for the most recommended wilderness and/or special management of at risk areas. Showing up is 1/2 the battle, and not many other conservation groups do, except for the Native Plant Society people. They are there because I got them involved several years ago, and are very effective at making their voices heard also.