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2019 Activity Report Explorer

Rio Grande Valley Broadband • Entered by Linda Starr on October 24, 2019

NM Green Deal Meeting

October 23, 2019

Participants and Hours

Pre Planning hours 2
Post Admin hours
Activity Hours 1.5
Participants 2
Total Hours 5

Key Issue: Landscape-level Planning
Activity Type: Trainings (WALTS, CAREs/GLOWs, research, conferences, workshops, etc.)
Key Partners: Delaware Riverkeeper Network

Short Description of Activity

Advancing the NM Green Amendment, finalizing details.


The goal was an introduction to where we are in NM on an Environmental Rights Amendment to our state constitution. We have a beginning, thanks to Maya’s preliminary research and the help of Pueblo Council of Governors representatives, and others. I was interested in how our current constitution addresses the subject and the answer was: hardly at all. We will be meeting again at some point to see what follow-up we need to be engaged in. Maya asked us to think of groups that we want to include in our public announcement and groups who will give us their support. Of course, I know the Great Old Broads will support this within our Broadbands in the state. I am hoping we can get some involvement from Santa Fe Broadband specifically since they are at the capitol.