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Cascade Volcanoes • Entered by Linda Buckley on January 21, 2020

Phone meeting/consultation with Rachel Green

January 17, 2020

Participants and Hours

Pre Planning hours 0.5
Post Admin hours 0.5
Activity Hours 1.75
Participants 3
Total Hours 6.25

Key Issue: Climate Change
Activity Type: Other Administration (reporting, emails, calls, planning)
Key Partners: not applicable

Short Description of Activity

Phone meeting with RAchel Green, Climate Education/stewardship Project Director. Goal was to discuss our priorities in the area of climate education in the Pacific Northwest region, where our Cascade Volcano Broadband is located. On the call were broadband leader Laurie Kerr, Judy Todd and Linda Buckley (leadership team), with staff Katya Speicker, Grassroots Regional Coordinator. Rachel introduced herself, and had her own questions as to where our passions and priorities are. The consensus was: focus on saving our rivers and forests-our broadband being active in both areas. We shared our current partnership with multiple organizations that could be partners in education activities for the grant, like Citizens Climate Lobby (SW Washington and Portland). We discussed our favored methods of providing education and the moved onto stewardship. Laurie proposed 2 very thoroughly researched projects which could involve a diversity across lines of: age, ethnic/racial, LGBTQ and rural venues-thus addressing equity priorities of the grant.


Unfortunately, several who had hoped to participate were unable to. We’re not sure why, but perhaps if we’re going to change the means/code to access the call, we need more advanced notice. Judy suggested possibility of Rachel coming out to meet with our broadband for dialog etc, but this may not be practical. We will have the opportunity for more phone meetings, and to meet Rachel in person at the Rendevous during the week of May 4-8 in Goldendale, Washington. We felt very positive and Rachel left an open door for further consultation as needed.