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2019 Activity Report Explorer

Cascade Volcanoes • Entered by Laurie Kerr on February 23, 2020

Tree Planting

February 7, 2020

Participants and Hours

Pre Planning hours
Post Admin hours
Activity Hours 8
Participants 6
Total Hours 48

Key Issue: Public Lands Health & Protection
Activity Type: Stewardship (monitoring, sampling, planting, etc.)
Key Partners: Columbia Land Trust

Measurable Outcomes

Outcome 1: Plants planted (200 Oregon Grape, Red Elderberry)

Short Description of Activity

6 Broads joined interns and volunteer coordinator, Kate Conley, of Columbia Land Trust and visited their site along the Hood River where the dam had been removed. The volunteers helped plant native plants to restore the riparian area along the river. We really had a great time with the young interns who were humorous and curious about our organization. The Trust supplied great snacks and a variety of hot and cold drinks.


The project went well and we actually had enough plants to keep up busy the entire 4 hours. It was very educational to learn about the dam removal and the Columbia Land Trust, as this was our first project with the trust. We plan to do more in the future.


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Photo Captions

1- group picture
2-Lu Pinson
3-Barb Mickey