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Cascade Volcanoes • Entered by Laurie Kerr on March 12, 2020

Leave No Trace Webinar

March 10, 2020

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Key Issue: Public Lands Health & Protection
Activity Type: Education & Outreach (tabling, films & lectures, regional B-walks/works)
Key Partners: Leave No Trace/NWSA

Short Description of Activity

The LNT nonprofit is a national organization created 25 years ago which started in wilderness areas; although now the wilderness areas only get 15% of use, while the front country areas get 85% of the use so the organization has expanded its role in the front country as well. The 7 principles of LNT are: plan ahead and prepare; Travel and camp on durable surfaces; dispos e of waste properly, leave what you find; minimize campfire impacts; respect wildlife; and be considerate of others. The social media guidelines include: tag thoughtfully; be mindful of what media portrays; encourage and inspire education; give back to places you love; and shaming is not the answer. 90% of outdoor visitors have no LNT education. There are currently 12 billion visitors to our public lands as of 2018. The tools to minimize impacts include: Education, Enforcement, and Engineering. We need to educate and provide understanding about natural world around us as well as provide an understanding of the human consequences of our actions in order to influence people’s behavior. LNT is a science-based and data driven organization and focuses on the research findings of 2011-2018. There are LNT activities for kids and adults. Their library has over 400 videos. There are 1hr-to full day workshops on awareness of LNT principles. There is a Program Building Resource which has an online site assessment tool with rubrics to determine where to start in the process on an area. There are free worksheets and a startup workbook. You can also nominate “hot spots” in your area. A one-hour awareness course is also provided online on the website. The cost to be a community partner is $150. Go on State Advocate website to see if a volunteer can assist in your area.


I thought it was a great awareness tool for me. I need to spend some time on the website and use the resources available online. I have a name for a presenter for our May meeting and she will do a one hour awareness workshop for us in preparing for out solitude monitoring this summer with the FS. Lots of good stuff here!