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Northern San Juan • Entered by Linda McNeal on September 24, 2020

Quarterly Leadership Team Meeting

September 15, 2020

Participants and Hours

Pre Planning hours 2.5
Post Admin hours 0.5
Activity Hours 1.25
Participants 8
Total Hours 13

Key Issue: Doesn’t apply
Activity Type: Broadband Meeting (prep, implementation & follow up)

Short Description of Activity

Quarterly meeting of our Broadband Leadership committee.
NSJBB Leadership Team Meeting #2 September 15, 2020 1 pm

Welcome/Intros one word to describe how your day is going.

Review agenda

Upcoming Opportunities for member leaders:
#1 Every year BB leaders gather for a Rendezvous to celebrate, get updates from the national office, share challenges and successes, and engage in a plethora of conversations with other leaders. Alternate years it’s a national event (last year I went to DC to lobby) and this year is a regional event. (Sept 29 for the Rocky Mtn Broadband leaders and Leadership Teams) Here are the details:

Here are the details:

WHAT: Rockies Broadband Leaders’ Zoom Call
DATE: Tuesday, September 29th
TIME: 2:00 – 4:00pm Mountain Daylight Time
WHO: Broadband Leaders and Leadership Team Members
(RSVP to me –
This will be an excellent time to build camaraderie during these challenging times. As with other Colorado or Rockies Broadband Leader calls, you’ll hear what other Broadbands are working on. Additionally, since we’re making this a special regional Zoom session, you’ll hear updates from the national office, we’ll do some small group discussions in breakout rooms, and we may include a short training that was highly requested.

#2 Every year the national office trains new Broadband Leaders and Leadership Team members free of charge. You are the NSJ Leadership Team (hurray!!) and therefore invited to the following which is an amazingly comprehensive training and a great opportunity this year to learn the ins and outs of Broads leadership without having to travel!!! No expense to you!

At Intro to WALTS, we cover important aspects of our organization, the issues we tackle, our theory in engaging community/Broadband members, and an overview of some important tools for Broadband Leaders/Team Members.

Therefore, this training is not only for newly committed Broadband Leaders, but also for Broadband Leadership Team Members who are stepping up to take on some responsibility, which could be anything! We believe it’s helpful and important for anyone in a Broadband leadership role to have this foundational knowledge.

Please reach out to your Broadband members about this opportunity!

WHAT: Intro to WALTS
(Wilderness Advocacy Leadership Training Sessions)
WHEN: October 1 – 3
WHO: New Broadband Co-leaders or Leadership Team Members.
WHERE: A virtual training using Zoom, only 8 hours in total.

To join this training, fill out the short, easy application here:

Activity reports – successes and woes…. how can we help? suggestions re: delivery of volunteer hours.

How is each member doing with this new organizational framework?

Future meetings- what do we perceive as needs/interests of our membership;
business meetings; guest speakers; trainings and/or combination. Guidance on selection of guest presenters:
• our mission;
• requested or important training/information;
• engagement/relationship building (internal and external)
• pure fun
Let’s plan Oct – Dec. posters of interest. Climate change. Citizen’s climate lobby.
?Date and time still good for monthly meetings? put agenda in the body of email. Contact Rachel and Peggy.

next meeting: activism, how we communicate by email; streamline gathering volunteer hours



Great meeting with lots of feedback. Members are comfortable with submitting activity reports.