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Conservation Land Foundation – Taking care of leaders’ health

December 1, 2020

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Activity Type: Trainings (WALTS, CAREs/GLOWs, research, conferences, workshops, etc.)
Key Partners: Conservation Lands Foundation – TREC – (Training resources for the Environmental Community) – Cyndi Harris was the presenter

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Conservation Land Foundation -Sustaining Yourself and Others as You Lead Change
You are in the role you are, doing the work you are, and facing the challenges and opportunities you are because of your great passion, vision, and commitment. That desire to not only see change but help make change can drive leaders to stretch themselves so far that exhaustion and overwhelm become states of being rather than places we visit. And now in times of even greater change, rapid pace, complex challenges, rapidly shifting current events and realities, it is quite normal to feel high levels of stress, overwhelm, anger, grief and more. In these times of persistent and sustained stress with unpredictability and great uncertainty, it is even more challenging than usual. We quite naturally struggle with many things such as motivation, energy for action, focus, productivity, ability to interact with others well, and more. While there is no quick fix or simple solution to how to move through these times, there are things we can do to support ourselves and others in managing stress and fostering well-being. These times require us to be intentional and committed to practices that help us tend to ourselves and cultivate as much well-being as possible. In this session we’ll profile stress and overwhelm, our normal responses to them, and we’ll outline things we can do to be with and in these times and foster well-being where possible. Join us as we take time in support of well-being together!


This was a most useful training – it pointed out that what we as leaders are doing in this pandemic time has to be measured fairly – it is not self sustaining to feel sad because you can’t do more than you are already doing. I did share this along with the most relevant times in the recordings with other broadband leaders, and a few others also…

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