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Protecting Wildlife Corridors to Safeguard Biodiversity and People

December 3, 2020

Participants and Hours

Pre Planning hours
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Activity Hours 1.5
Participants 1
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Key Issue: Wildlife Protection
Activity Type: Trainings (WALTS, CAREs/GLOWs, research, conferences, workshops, etc.)
Key Partners: Wildlands Network; several politicians and tribal leaders

Short Description of Activity

Description: One million of our planet's estimated eight million species are at risk of extinction. In the United States, habitat fragmentation is a key contributing threat to wildlife, especially in the form of roads: American driver traverse trillions of miles daily, resulting in more than one million collisions with wildlife each year. Protecting wildlife corridors and creating road crossings are a proven solution to save wildlife and reconnecting the wild spaces they need to thrive.
But not only do corridors and crossings benefit animals. They also provide myriad advantages to people: economic benefits and jobs to states and tribes as well as support for recreation and safety for motorists.
Join wildlife corridors champion Senator Tom Udall and wildlife experts from across the nation for an exclusive conversation on how protecting and investing in wildlife corridors and crossings can support state and local economies as well as the wildlife and wild lands we cherish.
Other speakers include:
Senator David Marsden, Lead Patron Virginia Corridor Bill, Virginia State Legislature
Stephanie Garcia Richards, Commissioner of Public Lands, New Mexico
Dr. Ron Sutherland, Chief Scientist, Wildlands Network
Bridget Donaldson, Virginia Transportation Research Council/VDOT
Aran Johnson, Wildlife Biologist, Southern Ute Tribe
Meghan Wolf,  Environmental Campaigns and Advocacy, Patagonia


Inspirational, especially since this is nation-wide movement, and much needed New Mexico.

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