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Baldy Treatment meeting with USFS

March 22, 2021

Participants and Hours

Pre Planning hours 3.75
Post Admin hours 3
Activity Hours 1.25
Participants 1
Total Hours 8

Key Issue: Landscape Planning (Forest Plans, RMPs, TMPs, etc.)
Activity Type: Advocacy (rallies, lobbying, meeting decision makers, letters/calls/emails)
Key Partners: USFS-Ouray District; BHA; Center for Biological Diversity
Landscape/area: Uncompahgre National Forest (951767 acres)

Short Description of Activity

Coalition partners met with 4 USFS staff members to further discuss our concerns with the proposed Baldy Landscape Resiliency and Habitat Improvement Project Note the landscape is approx 2300 acres within the Uncompahgre Forest.


Coalition partners (Broads, BHA, CBD) emphasized our concerns re: integrity of the Baldy Roadless Area and preservation of wilderness characteristics since our coalition has recommended the Baldy Roadless Area for addition to the Uncompahgre Wilderness. We also elevated our desire for a public comment on a draft EA (which is unlikely) meaning the only other option is a protest period on the final EA and only folks who commented on the Scoping Letter can protest. Perhaps the most important outcome is this excerpt from Dana (Ouray District Ranger) regarding her conversation with Sam Staley (lead planner on the GMUG Forest.)
“I also wanted to share that I followed up with Sam Staley regarding the question about whether areas that have treated would preclude them for consideration for wilderness designation, and the answer is no. Nothing in the Baldy Mountain project would have any impact on consideration for wilderness designation.”


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Photo Captions

1. Luke Holguin’s meeting notes. Luke is lead on the project and wildlife biologist for the Norwood and Ouray Districts of the GMUG.
2. coalition comments re: Baldy Scoping Letter to which NSJ signed on
3. NSJ scoping comments

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