Rio Grande Valley Broadband • Entered by Linda Starr on March 31, 2021

Border Wall LTE/Op Ed

January 16, 2021

Participants and Hours

Pre Planning hours 1
Post Admin hours 1
Activity Hours 2
Participants 2
Total Hours 6

Key Issue: Landscape Planning (Forest Plans, RMPs, TMPs, etc.)
Activity Type: Advocacy (rallies, lobbying, meeting decision makers, letters/calls/emails)
Key Partners: Arizona Broadbands and other Broadbands in the Southwest

Short Description of Activity

/Composing, Writing, Co-editing Letter to Editors/Opinion-Editorials for 5 New Mexico newspapers. I asked my co-leader and grassroots organizer for their opinions on the letter before sending and incorporated their suggestions.


None of my letters went to press. I was fairly certain at least one would make it but I never heard a positive response from any of the five newspaper editors. It could be that the editors thought this was a dead issue since President Biden was set to sign an executive order at least temporarily stilling construction on the Border Wall until further notice. He did this on Jan. 20 after Inauguration ceremonies. So, maybe our opinions were considered to be too late for this matter.

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