Cascade Volcanoes • Entered by Linda Buckley on September 17, 2022

planning monthly meeting for broadband sept 20

September 17, 2022

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Activity Type: Broadband Meeting (prep, implementation & follow up)

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Because Leader Laurie Kerr is gone, I volunteered to run meeting. This involved a LOT of copy/cut/paste from input from several leaders, regarding key events in advocacy, stewardship, education etc. Ended up with agenda and then very detailed addendum with all the details of 5 events coming up. Lastly, I made sure that I check new members master list, for any new members and there were none. Sent out the agenda after previously sending out a save the date.


It was pretty tedious as I’m not well schooled in how several contributors can edit the same document. that would have made it easier. Also most of leadership team will be absent so a bit disappointing but I thought it was important to get back into rhythem of monthly meetings after 3 month hiatus. And I had told new members about this date.