Cascade Volcanoes • Entered by Barb Fox-Kilgore on September 19, 2022

10th annual Rising Voices Workshop

September 14, 2022 – September 16, 2022

Participants and Hours

Pre Planning hours 3
Post Admin hours 3
Activity Hours 14
Participants 1
Total Hours 20

Key Issue: Climate Change
Activity Type: Relationship Building with non-white and/or frontline communities (relational meetings, attending events, community support, etc.)
Key Partners: Rising Voices Center for Indigenous and Earth Sciences

Short Description of Activity

Rising Voices facilitates intercultural, relational based approaches for understanding an adapting to all issues regarding climate change. RV supports and mentors a growing network of Indigenous tribal and community leaders with the aim to advance science through collaborations that bring Indigenous and Earth Sciences into partnership.
Day 1 theme- Advancing science through collaborations that bring Indigenous and Earth Sciences into partnership.
Day 2 – Opportunities for Indigenous students and early career scientists through scientific and community mentoring.
Day 3 – Support adaptive and resilient communities through sharing scientific capacity


This was a gathering of professionals, scientists, professors, researchers, PHD students to discuss and brainstorm approaches in addressing the effects of climate change, and how to bring the cultural science, knowledge and language of the Indigenous community and collaborate with mainstream scientific community.
Stories were shared on environmental projects, advocacy, mentorship, education. An emphasis in the importance of mentoring, supporting and encouraging youth.
As a white nonprofessional I listened, learned and absorbed.
Hearing the stories shared by people from all across the nation including a student from Ghana and one from New Zealand provided a diverse picture not only of the different environmental concerns being addressed but the individual/group’s experience pursuing their agenda and goals up against the colonized science community. They achieve strength through community support, looking at what common knowledge and goals are shared, working as a community, being proud of their community, standing up for their community and not let colonization redefine their culture and language and the truth about the earth.
Listening and communications skills were discussed.
Staying true and strong as a people and not let colonization deter, derail and or influence one from their culture/community.
Climate issues from the Indigenous history, language cultural perspective to0 fight climate change and provide tribal adaptation and be an alternative voice to colonized science in mainstream society.
This was the best and most full filling three days where I feel I have learned much.