Bozeman • Entered by Linda Healow on September 20, 2022

Various activities

June 1, 2022 – August 31, 2022

Participants and Hours

Pre Planning hours
Post Admin hours
Activity Hours 280
Participants 1
Total Hours 280

Key Issue: Multiple apply
Activity Type: Advocacy (rallies, lobbying, meeting decision makers, letters/calls/emails)

Short Description of Activity

Daily perusal of area newspapers. Wilderness-pertinent articles shared. Truly 2 hours a day, minimum.
Online lecture with Climate Forest group. 1 hour.
Attendance monthly MT Broads Zoom 2h.
Trip to NW MT for initial Broads meeting in May.
Commented on wolves to MT FWP in writing. 1 hour.
4 hour drive to Helena for FWP hearing, 3 hour hearing, 4 hour drive home. Thought it important to show up.
Bozeman Broadband broadwork on trail near Gardiner with ABWF, Custer Gallatin NF. 2.5 hour drive. 6 hours of work, 2.5 hour drive home. Very hot, important lesson for future summer endeavors (Provide shade, possibly reschedule if daylong event and over 90 degrees).
Total hours (June-August): 180 + 3 + 12h + 13h. 208h total (not counting NW Broads opening gathering (I think it was April).


Katya filled out this report for Linda.