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Greater Wasatch • Entered by Di Allison on September 24, 2022

Broads Read

September 15, 2022

Participants and Hours

Pre Planning hours 0.25
Post Admin hours 0.25
Activity Hours 1
Participants 5
Total Hours 5.5

Key Issue: Doesn’t apply
Activity Type: Social Events (gatherings, potlucks, plain ol’ fun)

Short Description of Activity

The Intersectional Environmentalist by Leah Thomas was our Broads Read. Only the core 5 folk (includes Cuyler) Discussion was good, mostly not about the book but thoughts and ideas it generated. Book and November date was decided upon.


We mostly agreed that the book was tedious but we finished it because we thought it was something we SHOULD read. Most valuable take away was from Amy and her experience as a librarian in the intersectional world view… she always asks ‘who are the stakeholders’ before moving forward. Also, she sent a professional article she wrote’s link to some of us who were interested in going into the weeds from her applied professional experience with Bears Ears and students doing research.