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Greater Wasatch • Entered by Barbara McConvill on September 28, 2022

Fall Apple Social

September 17, 2022 – September 17, 2022

Participants and Hours

Pre Planning hours 4
Post Admin hours 2
Activity Hours 3.5
Participants 3
Total Hours 16.5

Key Issue: Doesn’t apply
Activity Type: Social Events (gatherings, potlucks, plain ol’ fun)
Key Partners: Greater Wasatch Broadband

Short Description of Activity

An Autumn get-to-know you gathering for Broads and Broads. We gathered at Di Allison’s orchard to press apples, enjoy each others company and enjoy a potluck dinner. Fifteen of us gathered on a lovely Saturday in Ogden, Utah including one of our new members. A good time was enjoyed by.


We hope to make this an annual event and grow our numbers. It was nice to meet a new member and we were able to recruit a SLC member who agreed to organize a Hike-with-a-Purpose next year.


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Photo Captions

Janet, JJ and Di pressing apples
Group photo
Janifer, Kathy, Janet and Di pressing apples