Central Oregon Bitterbrush Broads • Entered by Mary Fleischmann on September 29, 2022


September 28, 2022

Participants and Hours

Pre Planning hours 6
Post Admin hours 4.5
Activity Hours 2.5
Participants 45
Total Hours 123

Key Issue: Livestock Grazing Management
Activity Type: Education & Outreach (tabling, films & lectures, regional B-walks/works)
Key Partners: Juniper Sierra Club, Oregon Wild, ONDA, Land Watch

Short Description of Activity

Monthly Broadchat…did a hybrid, which was a huge learning curve. Had in person and zoom.


J.Boone Kaufman, author of “Rewilding” gave a wonderful presentation on impacts of livestock grazing on wildlands, riparian as well as affects on climate change. Amy shared some photo’s from our most recent grazing training, learning the MIM’s. We had several broads from our grazing BRAT attend as well as other PNW members/leaders attend. Recorded this and Boone is sharing his presentation slides which we can share with everyone.