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Yavapai-Prescott • Entered by Jenny Cobb on January 28, 2023

Water Sentinels

January 27, 2023

Participants and Hours

Pre Planning hours
Post Admin hours
Activity Hours 10
Participants 1
Total Hours 10

Key Issue: Water-related Conservation
Activity Type: Stewardship (monitoring, sampling, planting, etc.)
Key Partners: Sierra Club Yavapai Group, Sierra Club Grand Canyon Chapter
Landscape/area: Prescott National Forest (1257005 acres)

Short Description of Activity

Water Sentinels Jenny, Tom, Rabbi Adele, and a new man David, braved the cold to measure waterflow and sediment levels on the Upper Verde River Today. As always, photos are posted on Facebook.


There has been a lot of rain and snow recently, and there was evidence of high water at Perkinsville and even higher water at Bear Siding – all the way to the cliff. Jenny’s waders had a leak in the lower leg and didn’t realize it until she took them off. Tom and David continued on to Verde Springs in the dark. It was a Friday night and the Rabbi wanted to get home to celebrate the Sabbath.