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Central Oregon Bitterbrush Broads • Entered by Mary Fleischmann on February 9, 2023

Town hall with commissioner Phil Chang

January 31, 2023

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Short Description of Activity

First Town Hall meeting with County Commissioner Phil Chang. Unfortunately he is often the odd man out when the the commissioners make decisions as he is more logical than the other two Republicans.


It was pretty interesting. Phil brought everyone up to speed with things he thinks the public should be paying attention to and ready to comment on. Those things are the Comprehensive Plan Amendments coming out regarding Rural areas; paying attention to land issues overall; He is looking into and having meetings regarding biomass and forest restoration (not sure that I agree with his position on this as he is following what the Forest Service is telling him); commercial thinning; current efforts to find a new solid waste landfill; crack downs on illegal cannibus grows; and shared how important it is for public comment.