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Northern Front Range • Entered by Anne Dal Vera on April 28, 2023

sign on to Polis letter to oppose Uinta railway federal subsidy

March 3, 2023

Participants and Hours

Pre Planning hours
Post Admin hours
Activity Hours 0.5
Participants 1
Total Hours 0.5

Key Issue: Public Lands Health & Protection
Activity Type: Advocacy (rallies, lobbying, meeting decision makers, letters/calls/emails)
Key Partners: SRCA

Measurable Outcomes

Outcome 1: Advocacy actions (01 letters/postcards)

Short Description of Activity

signed on to letter


letter to Governor Polis asking him to oppose a federal subsidy for the Uinta railway because trains carrying heavy crude oil would travel through Colorado, risking a spill into the headwaters of the Colorado river and risking forests to wildfire.