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Aldos Silver City • Entered by Marcia Stout on April 30, 2023

Earth Day Event

April 22, 2023

Participants and Hours

Pre Planning hours 4
Post Admin hours 1
Activity Hours 1.5
Participants 4
Total Hours 11

Key Issue: Climate Change
Activity Type: Education & Outreach (tabling, films & lectures, regional B-walks/works)
Key Partners: Gila Resources Information Project

Measurable Outcomes

Outcome 1: Other (27 people)

Short Description of Activity

Prepared for and participated in the Earth Day event in Gough Park by setting up an Aldo’s Broadband GOBW table, including a tripod exhibit linking our activities to a climate change theme. This event was coordinated by Gila Resources Information Project and was combined with Continental Divide Trail Days. Four steering committee members were the core group for this. This year, the broadband leader initiating a “mobile broadband” joined in with our tabling at the park. In addition to the tripod exhibit, collage images of our activities and membership information, we had a sign-up sheet for our email listserv and 27 folks signed up for this.


It went very well and was an enjoyable day. It was also really relevant to have the “mobile broadband” leader tabling with us, particularly since there are a lot of CDT through-hikers at this event. We learned that stickers are particularly popular so hopefully we can have some next year. The tripod exhibit worked well as a talking /gathering point, although next year if using a large poster we will need to consider breezy weather. A good number of attendees signed up for our listserv and at least one has already become a member. Overall the event was very well attended – more than last year.


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Photo Captions

1. Aldo’s Broadband 2023 Earth Day Table, plus “mobile broadband” table, Gough Park, Silver City
2. ” “
3. Our 2023 Earth Day table, with several of our current and a recent broadband steering committee member – enjoying a fine day in the park