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WHALES of Teton Valley • Entered by Liz McCane on April 30, 2023

Earth Day tabling

April 22, 2023

Participants and Hours

Pre Planning hours
Post Admin hours
Activity Hours 4.5
Participants 4
Total Hours 18

Key Issue: Multiple apply
Activity Type: Education & Outreach (tabling, films & lectures, regional B-walks/works)

Measurable Outcomes

Outcome 1: Event Attendees (300 people)

Short Description of Activity

WHALES and 15 other local environmental organizations were represented at the community celebration of Earth Day. At our table we handed out bookmarks, Broadsides and membership pamphlets, and candy.


Over 300 people walked through the tables; we had extended interactions with about a dozen people, several of whom want to be added to our email list. Weather wasn’t good and that kept numbers down.