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Greater Wasatch • Entered by Barbara McConvill on May 1, 2023

Earth Day at the Ogden Nature Center

April 22, 2023 – April 22, 2023

Participants and Hours

Pre Planning hours 6
Post Admin hours 3
Activity Hours 6
Participants 6
Total Hours 45

Key Issue: Multiple apply
Activity Type: Education & Outreach (tabling, films & lectures, regional B-walks/works)
Key Partners: Greater Wasatch Broadband, Ogden Nature Center

Short Description of Activity

This was our third time tabling at this event that brings together the Ogden area community to celebrate Mother Earth. Each year we are asked to have an activity at our table geared to school age children and this year our theme was beavers since that was the topic of one of our book club reads and also a future field trip. The kids had to spin the wheel that determined the questions they had to answer. If they got the answer correct they earned a beaver sticker. We had 225 participants in the game plus parents and other visitors. All together we estimate over 500 contacts. We had 14 people sign our welcome sheet and they will be added to our newsletter list.


The weather was cooperative bringing lots of people out for this event. We gave away all of our games stickers (225) and that exceeded our expectations by 50 percent. This event is always good for us, but this year was even better. Thank you Mother Earth and Mother Nature.


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Photo Captions

Broads display with updated graphics on the table cloth, new banner, and a new popup.
Janice Moyes plays the beaver game with youngsters.
Linda Laws and Janice Moyes volunteered for the day.
Linda Laws plays the beaver game.