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Cascade Volcanoes • Entered by Barb Fox-Kilgore on May 26, 2023

Public Lands Rule and Grazing

May 24, 2023 – May 24, 2023

Participants and Hours

Pre Planning hours 0.25
Post Admin hours 0.5
Activity Hours 1.5
Participants 1
Total Hours 2.25

Key Issue: Landscape Planning (Forest Plans, RMPs, TMPs, etc.)
Activity Type: Trainings (WALTS, CAREs/GLOWs, research, conferences, workshops, etc.)

Short Description of Activity

A Webinar providing information on the Public Lands Rule and Grazing. Josh Osher, WWP, involved in grazing issue and Dennis Wilson of the Sierra club presented facts and answered questions on the subject..


I found how the BLM is managed very disheartening with numerous interpretations for Land Health Standards and the concept of Conservation Leasing was a sound nice PR full of vague rulings and loopholes that give way to grazing and oil and gas use with no real effort to monitor. Josh did mention that Tribes were involved in land monitoring but readings I have googled never mentioned Tribe involvement, only mentioned how short staff the BLM was and unable to do timely and consistent monitoring, The lack of definite planning on the financial end, how it will be funded, if other groups are monitoring who pays for needed restoration is of a concern. It all feels half baked.
These are area of concern that I will address in my comments/letters.