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Roadless public lands and wilderness are threatened on every front. Our insatiable appetites for energy, wood, water, and recreation have us penetrating ever more deeply into wilderness-quality lands and putting our country’s ecosystems at risk of collapse. Mother Earth needs your voice and action now. Become a Broad!

Where to Start?

Become a public lands and wilderness advocate.

First, educate yourself on the issues most important to you. Second, subscribe and receive in your inbox timely action alerts, issue updates, and event details. Third, become an advocate and take action by organizing a community presentation, partner with your agency land managers, write a letter to your community’s newspaper, advocate for better land management…anyone, anywhere has a role to play. Fourth, become a member of Broads today to join a broadband chapter in your community, attend an event, webinars, trainings, and more. Be a Broad! 

Advocacy Resources

Participate with a Broadband

Ready to kick butt for Mother Earth?

There are nearly 40 Broadbands (chapters) across the nation with dedicated Broads (and Bros) who speak out on local and national conservation issues. Get involved in your local chapter and help coordinate events to raise awareness and get boots on the ground to monitor and record activities that affect our public lands and the creatures who live there. Want to step it up even more?  Help lead a Broadband chapter.

Become a member of Broads today and get involved with your local Broadband.

Find a Local Broadband

Attend a Broadwalk or Broadwork event.

Let your advocacy be informed by experiences in the wild.

What’s a Broadwalk?

Broadwalks are events where attendees get to know the landscape and learn about protection issues specific to where the Broadwalk is held.

What’s a Broadwork?

Broadwork events are environmental stewardship- or monitoring-focused projects coordinated with partner organizations and land managers.

Become a member of Broads today to attend one of our incredible Broadwalks or Broadworks events.

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