Media Attention & Social Media Activism

Through the media, you can educate the public and put more pressure on decision-makers.

Write Letters to the Editor (LTEs) and Opinion Editorials (Op-Eds)

Pitch a story to a reporter

  • Send a timely press release, then follow up with a phone call
  • Arrange an in-person meeting with the reporter

Create newsworthy events

Reach out to your media contacts to alert them to activities such as:

  • Major Broadband events such as panel discussions, Broadwalks, and educational presentations
  • Delivering petitions, sign-on letters, statements, or comments to elected officials
  • Releasing a new report about an issue
  • Rallies, protests, or other public demonstrations (You can get really creative here! Like flash mobs or street theater!)

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, once you find someone in your Broadband to take this on, add this to your advocacy toolbelt.

Tweet or post on Facebook when something is timely, and always tag your targets.

Thanks to technology, new tactics come and go in this category all the time.