We want your Broad Event Photos!

Not all of them, of course. Pick your best ones and upload so we can share them on our Facebook, website, and in our newsletter. Below are three ways to share them with us.

Option 1: Google Drive (Preferred).

We have a Google Drive folder you can upload the photos to. This is great because it can handle lots of photos! Here is how to use it:

  1. Log into or create your Google Account. Click here to go to the Google login page.
  2. Add our shared folder to your Google Drive:
    1. Go to the Broad Event Photo Share folder:  https://goo.gl/R82wR6
    2. Open the folder with the name and year of the event you attended.
    3. Click ‘Add to Drive’ in the top right corner of the screen.
    4. Click ‘Open in Drive’ (The same button) in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Create a folder with your name on it so we know who uploaded which photos.
    1. Click the red ‘New’ button on the left side (or right click your mouse) and select ‘Folder’. Name the new folder with your full name.
    2. Double click your new folder to open it.
  4. Upload your files! Either drag and drop onto the window or click the red ‘New’ button and select ‘File Upload’.

Option 2: Email.

You can also send an email with your best photos:

  1. Subject line. Include your event name and year in the subject line (e.g. Boundary Waters Broadwalk 2015)
  2. Include your name. Make sure we know who the photos are coming from.
  3. Don’t send too much at once. Only attach 5–10 photos maximum at a time, or the email may fail to send.
  4. Send to: susan@greatoldbroads.org.

Option 3: Direct Upload or Some Other Way.

You can use the web form below to upload your photos directly to our website or to let us know how you plan to share them (i.e.: Flicker or Dropbox).

Broad Event Photo Share

Photo Sharing Form

If you are uploading photos directly to us, only send a few of your best ones! If you have several photos, share them some other way or by using the Google Drive option above.
First and last, please!
Only used so we can contact you if we have trouble getting your photos.
Include the place, type of event, and year, such as 'Boundary Waters Broadwalk 2015'.

Upload your photos here

You can upload multiple files by clicking 'Browse' again after selecting a file!
Maximum upload size: 516MB

Sharing Some Other Way