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announcement-1019756_640Say It Effectively

You’re fired up over an issue and want to speak out. What do you do next? Studies show a personalized email or letter is a more effective method of communication than a mass automated email. Point and click activism only goes so far! Take the time to create a thoughtful, professional communication so you and your ideas are taken seriously.

Keep these key points in mind:

  • Be simple, concise, and to the point. Keep your communication to one page, if possible. Be respectful.
  • State how the issue affects you, your neighbors and community; your public lands; or the wildlife and habitat. Think of ways to tell your personal story and present a unique perspective.
  • Be sure to state your expectations and desired course of action. Ask for a response if appropriate.
  • Be informed about the representative’s voting history and position on the issue. Thank elected officials and bureaucrats for previous good votes and/or decisions.
  • For email communications, consider the importance of the subject line. Avoid attachments; however, if they are necessary for more information, refer to the attachments in your message.