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Fran Krackow

Fran Krackow

Su Libby

Andrea Hoerr

Arizona - Tucson Broadband

Geographic Area
Southern Arizona from Tucson south to the Mexican border.

Broadband Leaders
Su Libby and  Andrea (Dre) Hoerr

Contact Us
Andrea (Dre) Hoerr

Su Libby

Welcome to the Tucson-area Broadband in the heart of the spectacular Sonoran Desert, with its abundance of native plants and animals species found nowhere else on Earth. We hope you’ll join our Broadband once you become a member of Broads!

Focus Areas

  • Wildlife protection
  • Protection and preservation of local National
  • Protection of our wild lands.


  • Protecting the Ironwood National Monument and Sonoran Desert from the planned I-11 Highway.
  • Attending Environmental meetings, like the Altar Valley Conservation Alliance, looking for ways we can partner and help with projects.
  • Participating in Broadwalks with a focus on specific wild land issues.
  • Hiking and enjoying our desert.

Become a member of Great Old Broads for Wilderness and join our Broadband today!

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