Arizona – Yavapai-Prescott Broadband

Verde River Water Monitoring

Geographic area

Yavapai County and throughout the state of Arizona in cooperation with the Phoenix, Tucson, and Aldo Leopold Broadbands.

Broadband Leaders:

Jenny Cobb

Contact us:

Jenny Cobb

Focus Areas:

  • Advocates for the recovery of the Mexican Gray Wolf
  • Support for the San Carlos Apache Tribe in saving Oak Flat.
  • Monitoring for invasive plants
  • Public lands grazing
  • Preserving our riparian areas for water and wildlife
  • Education for children and adults

We work in cooperation with the US Forest Service, AZ Wilderness Coalition, Sierra Club, and AZ Game and Fish.


  • The Yavapai-Prescott Broadband monitors the water on the Upper Verde River once a month, along with stewardhip activities.
  • Our Broadband advocates for Wildlife Corridors in and around Prescott, Arizona.
  • Our Broadband has sought environmental protection for Jack’s Project and advocates for land restoration due to over grazing.

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