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Minnesota—Wild Waters Broadband

Geographic Area
Statewide Minnesota working out of the Twin Cities!

Broadband Leaders
Janet Bourdon, Maureen “Mo” Monroe

Contact Us
Janet Bourdon, 651-779-7394

Maureen (Mo) Monroe

Focus areas:

  • Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness
  • Statewide Lakes, Rivers, Streams and Wetlands
  • Increase memberships, events, activities
  • Advocate for wilderness with other existing wilderness organizations in State that have water focus.
  • Develop art activities for the wild to promote Great Old Broads for Wilderness organization.
  •  2022 is the “Year of the River” for our broadband. Our broads have been learning about clean water crops, what they are, how they help to keep our waterways clean, and how farmers are using them. We also learned about water run off, water flow and the importance of river tributaries (St. Croix has over 1,000 tributariesA).
  • 2023 will be “The Year of the Bog” for the Wild Waters Broadband. We will investigate how wetlands, especially organic rich peatland carbon sinks may be changing due to climate change. We will visit “SPRUCE”, an international peatland experimental station in Marcell, MN


  • Clearing of US Superior National Forest Trails in collaboration with Kawishiwi Ranger District in the Ely, Minnesota area.
  • Dunrovin St. Croix River stewardship project; Arcola historical site near Stillwater, MN.


  • Save the Boundary Waters
  • Friends of the Boundary Waters
  • Water Legacy
  • Friend’s of the Mississippi


  • Explore funding opportunities to support events and activities
  • A first aid kit for events
  • Develop a national Great Old Broads Art Contest with meaningful art
  • Recruit an energetic and talented volunteer leader in Duluth, MN

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