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Northwest Montana Broadband

Geographic Area
Northwest Montana north to the Canadian border including Glacier National Park, east to the Rocky Mountain Front, south to Lolo National Forest, and west to the Idaho border.

Broadband Leaders
Mary Alexine, Rosemary McKinnon, Donna Pridmore

Contact Us
Mary Alexine—(406) 250-2548,
Rosemary McKinnon—(406) 253-5496,
Donna Pridmore—(406) 249-4521,

Focus Areas:

  • Advocating for the protection and preservation of old growth and mature forests
  • Climate change, clean air, clean water
  • Education
  • Wildlife advocacy
  • Stewardship
  • Allyship with our Indigenous neighbors
  • Building alliances with other established conservation and like-minded groups in our community
  • FUN-potlucks, hikes, visiting areas of interest


  • Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation service work.
  • Visiting and connecting with old mature forests in our region.
  • Speaking out to insure wild places and managed for the benefit of their inhabitants and to insure they are their for future generations.

Wish list:
Create strong partnerships and take bold actions resulting in positive impact in our region and on the planet—while having fun!

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