New Mexico—Aldo’s Silver City Broadband

Geographic area

The Aldo’s Silver City Broadband covers the Southwest New Mexico region.

Broadband Leaders:

Joanie Connors, Marcia Stout

Contact us:

Joanie Connors

Marcia Stout


Focus areas:

  •    Sky Island/Wildways/healthy lands preservation, extending to the Mexico/New Mexico Border
  •    Grazing management
  •    Climate change
  •    ORV management and monitoring
  •    Gila, San Francisco, and Mimbres Rivers/riparian health
  •    Wilderness protection, including against low level flyovers in the Gila National Forest
  •    Wolf re-introduction and habitat conservation


  • Seeking a  No-Border-Wall Resolution from Grant County Commission
  • Educating the public on the importance of Border health to all
  • Commencing  grazing monitoring/education project
  • Supporting riparian health across the Forests/Wilderness, including opposing ongoing/extension of roads in critical areas
  • Supporting local partners such as the Gila Conservation Coalition and Center for Biological Diversity in many projects which affect our area
  • Expanding membership to enhance our impact and ability to educate and provide service work
  • Identifying and preparing new leaders/co-leaders.

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