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New Mexico—Rio Grande Valley Broadband

Geographic Area
Central Rio Grande Valley, Albuquerque vicinity, Cibola National Forest; Sangre de Cristo National Forest-Jemez Mountain Range District.

Broadband Leaders
Susan Ostlie and Irene Ortiz

Contact Us
Susan Ostlie

Irene Ortiz

Focus areas

  • Cibola National Forest Plan Revision process
  • Southwest Jemez mountain and Zuni mountain landscape restoration collaboratives


  • Monitoring for wilderness character
  • Collaborating with New Mexico Wild Earth Guardians, Forest Guardians, The Wilderness Society, The Sierra Club, Albuquerque Wildlife Federation, Volunteers for the Outdoors, Albuquerque Open Space, and US Forest Service
  • Hiking, Bosque trail maintenance, potlucks and public lands restoration projects
  • Invasive plant monitoring
  • Endangered Species monitoring to our activities.
  • Riparian restoration field trips
  • Forest restoration advocacy


  • 2 Gila Broadwalks
  • Jemez Mt. and Valles Caldera Preserve Broadwalk
  • Grazing seminars


  • Hike leaders
  • Project photographers
  • Members interested in writing comments for the Cibola NF Plan Revision process, cheatgrass monitoring and removal, unauthorized trail use monitoring, Mexican gray wolf restoration process, wilderness character monitoring, landscape restoration monitoring, and Bosque restoration (installing beaver fencing, etc.).

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