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Central & Eastern Oregon Bitterbrush Broadband

Geographic area
Central and Eastern Oregon

Broadband Leaders:
Joanne Richter, Mary Fleischmann
Co-leaders: Amy Stuart, Rynda Clark, Mathieu Federspiel, Julie Weikel, Kristy Sabo (Landwatch), Karly Foster (ONDA), Sami Goodlove (Oregon Wild)

Contact us:
Mary Fleischmann

Welcome to the Central & Eastern Oregon Bitterbrush Broadband, formed in May of 2013. We invite you to join us in building an active and engaged organization. We guarantee many special wilderness experiences, an opportunity to make a difference in public lands protections, and a lot of laughter along the way!

The Bitterbrush Broads focus on 4 major areas: Advocacy, Education, Stewardship and FUN!

HERE is a great video about our Bitterbrush Broadband.
HERE is a great article in Area 97 Magazine about Broads and Bitterbrush Broadband.

Focus areas:
Wild Lands Protection—We work to protect the wild nature that is the intrinsic value of our public lands. We work on overuse issues in the Three Sisters Wilderness and the Ochoco National Forest. We host conferences on public lands to teach awareness and the values of public lands, along with taking input on how to expand our work. Issues we work on include off-highway vehicles, grazing, roads, habitat fragmentation, and general mis-management.
Wildlife Issues—We create habitat for monarch butterflies and pollinators, and work to increase habitat connectivity for all wildlife in Oregon. We educate each other and the public about the importance of beaver, large trees, and top predators. We pull invasive weeds.
Restoring Healthy Rivers in Our Watershed—We support improving riparian health and water flows.
Climate Change—We support education and activism for mitigating climate change effects in all of our efforts.
Building relationships in rural areas—We seek to build relationships with people living in rural areas of central and eastern Oregon.

BroadWalks/Hikes—Fun and educational day-hikes and campouts in central Oregon extending from the crest of the Cascades to the John Day River Basin (4-6 per year).
BroadWorks—Land stewardship service projects that focus on supporting ecosystem health including habitat restoration, native plantings and noxious weed pulls. (3-5 per year).
BroadChats—Informal chats on issues related to wild lands protection and advocacy (2nd Tuesday of even months).
BroadEducation—Presentations from experts on issues related to wild lands protection and climate change (3-5 per year).
BroadAdvocacy—Actions to support local, regional and national initiatives that protect wild lands and our environment. We write comments to public agencies, letters to editors and representatives, organize public rallies to draw attention to critical issues, and litigate as a last resort to protect our public lands.
BroadPartnerships—We create partnerships with other national, state and local conservation groups in our community who advocate for and support wild lands protection and minimization of climate change impacts.

Our Broadband also participates in regional and national Broadwalks (multi-day events) organized around specific wild lands issues. Currently, Broadband leaders from the Pacific Northwest meet regularly to discuss the breaching dams at the Lower Snake River. See for more information.

We also participate in other Broads advocacy groups, e.g. forest management and grazing.

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Become a member of Great Old Broads for Wilderness and join our Broadband today!

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