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Utah—SW Utah Broadband

Geographic Area
Southwestern Utah including the Virgin and Santa Clara River zones, extending outward from the area around St. George to support the neighboring southern regions in AZ and NV, north toward the Wasatch, east toward Moab, and the Four Corners region.

Broadband Leaders
Jane Stewart

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Our corner of Utah holds a vast range of pristine wild places and numerous areas that need support to maintain their wild characteristics. Currently, Great Old Broads has two active Broadbands in Utah: the Greater Wasatch (SLC-Ogden area) and our corner of the Utah—which really needs some attention.

Our mission as a Broadband is to educate, steward, and advocate for wilderness designation and healthy wild public lands. Another key ingredient of that mission is to infuse a lot FUN into all our activities.

Whether we are visiting a proposed wilderness area, working side-by-side on a restoration project, growing relationships with land managers or legislators, or whatever we wish to do, we will make it FUN!

We are excited to have our Broadband become active and engaged in protecting the wild lands that surround us in our beautiful part of the country.

Your support and participation at any level is highly valued.

Our Broadband Google Group is how we share information about local issues and opportunities. Broadband members are included in this email group. You can control your email subscription or opt out entirely at the bottom of the email. Feel free to share information specific to wild land and conservation issues in this forum.

From our wild hearts to yours,

Jane Stewart

Focus areas:
This vast region hosts a wealth of wild places. Many of these areas are currently protected, many need urgent support and all need supportive activism to ensure their wilderness attributes.Within the SW and Central Utah regions, there are:

  • 17 designated State Parks and 20 with Wilderness status
  • 5 zones designated as Areas of Critical Environmental Concern (ACECs)
  • 2 National Conservation Areas (NCAs)
  • 256,338 acres of Wilderness Areas
  • 165 miles of National Wild and Scenic River segments on BLM and Zion National Park land
  • 11 river segments totaling 19 miles of creeks in BLM wilderness areas that flow into Zion National Park
  • 146 miles of river segments within Zion National Park are designated as Wild and Scenic


  • To monitor the political process of wilderness protection and engage with local groups to support the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Resource Management Plan for the region’s Areas of Critical Environmental Concern (ACECs)
  • To work to ensure protection of the Federally listed and proposed endangered (6), threatened (2) and candidate (3) species in Washington County, UT
  • To monitor the land and collaborate with other Southwestern Utah conservation groups and agencies to procure and sustain wild characteristics in the region, such as:

– BLM (Bureau of Land Management)
– USFWS (Fish and Wildlife Service)
– NPS (National Park Service)
– USFS (National Forest Service)
– Conserve Southwest Utah
– Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance

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