Communicate with Decision-Makers

How to effectively convey your message through phone calls, letters, and in-person lobby meetings.

First Things First

Make the most of your visit with these 10 practical steps.

Find out how to reach legislators by phone, email, and mail.

Learn how they voted through the League of Conservation Voters.

How to write a letter, email, or op-ed that gets attention.

Types of legislators and strategies to approach them.

Common Tactics

  • Petitions
    From the public or from a specific constituency (e.g. Coalition sign-on letter)
  • Photo petition (can also put on social media!)
  • Letter writing (letters, postcards, or emails)
  • Submit comments during public comment period
  • Call their office
  • In-person! (One-on-one or group meeting with other partners/stakeholders)
    • Lobby Day at the Capitol
    • In-district meetings
    • Town hall events
    • Bird-dogging (seek out decision-makers or candidates wherever they are speaking publicly, then pin them down with specific questions or information, and retrieve their views)
    • Go out in the field with the decision-maker, show them a threatened landscape