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Cascade Volcanoes • Entered by Laurie Kerr on April 25, 2023

Dry Falls Broadwalk

April 13, 2023 – April 17, 2023

Participants and Hours

Pre Planning hours 114
Post Admin hours 12
Activity Hours 89
Participants 14
Total Hours 1372

Key Issue: Wildlife Protection
Activity Type: Advocacy (rallies, lobbying, meeting decision makers, letters/calls/emails)
Key Partners: conservation northwest/ Society/Washington State Parks/Nature Conservancy

Measurable Outcomes

Outcome 1: Advocacy actions (93 letters/postcards)

Short Description of Activity

14 Cascade Volcanoes joined other PNW Broadbands in Dry Falls Regional Broadwalk at Camp Delany Retreat Center in Electric City, Wa.


Each group was welcomed by Maya and Laurie with a “Welcome to our Broadwalk Song” when they came to register. It was all very well organized with cabins/hikes/stewardship signups available when they came. Dave McWalters with the Dry Falls Park Service gave a presentation to participants at the Visitor Center about the geology of the region. He and his kids were also invited to dinner on Friday evening and he showed a pro-dam movie which was not well received and very out of date. However, the group respectfully listened to his side and no foul language or yelling was demonstrated. Julie Weikel presented on the urbal/rural divide on Saturday morning. Amy Stuart shared highlights from LSRD campaign and the group also viewed the film: “Dammed to Extinction”. Janet Rachlow presented a talk on Pygmy Rabbits and how we can advocate for them. Talking points were posted on large poster paper for writing comments. A total of 93 postcards and letters were sent from the Cascade Volcanoes on the following issues: 14 No Place for a Mine; 8 Save the SageBrush Steppe; 6 Solar/Wind Sites; and 1 on Eastside Screen.

The advocacy table was a little messy and the postcards got mixed up so it was difficult for people to find their issues/cards. Some new Broads did not understand that they needed to write to their own state governor as well as legislators because they had never written comments before. Another issue was that there was no loudspeaker and some of the audience could not hear the presenters.

Laurie, Micky, and Penelope led hikes on Friday. Laurie’s group hiked to Northrup Canyon and Penelope’s group hiked to Ancient Lakes. Micky let a hike around the campground among the various wildflowers and geological sites.


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Photo Captions

2- Welcome to our Broadwalk Song