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Border Wall DHS Remediation Plan Sample Phone Script

Sample Phone Script—DHS Border Wall Remediation Plan

In their newly-updated border remediation plan, the Department of Homeland Security has decided to use money from 2020 to continue funding stadium lights, cameras, and detection technology in areas where physical barriers were previously constructed.
This puts approximately 455 miles of the southwestern border at severe risk of light pollution, and poses a major threat to migratory birds and other wildlife already suffering severe impacts of drought, and blocked by the physical wall from finding water, food, shelter, and mates on the divided landscape.
  • My name is [YOUR NAME], and I live [WHERE YOU LIVE]
  • I am calling today to ask that [SENATOR’S NAME] do everything they can to stop new funding for border walls and to rescind funds previously appropriated for the border wall.
  • Can [SENATOR’S NAME] request that any previously allocated border wall funding be transferred from the Department of Homeland Security, including unobligated border wall construction funding, to the Department of the Interior and other agencies with expertise in environmental conservation and mitigation.