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2022 Wilderness Defense Webinar Series

The 1964 Wilderness Act is a powerful piece of legislation that offers the highest level of protection for 803 designated wilderness areas covering some 111 million acres across 44 states to date. Yet these areas are not always managed as required by law.
Great Old Broads for Wilderness presents the 2022 Wilderness Defense Webinar Series, where expert panelists will discuss the management of wilderness areas, the legal issues of wilderness management, and how you can get involved as an advocate.


Webinar #2: Wilderness Defense—Using the Power of the Law

Wednesday, May 4
12:00-1:30 MDT

Wilderness designation is the highest form of protection for public lands— but only when land management agencies adhere to law. But what can we do when wilderness laws are violated through agency mismanagement or neglect? How can we address the incremental and often short-sighted actions and decisions made by management agencies that result in long-term degradation of wilderness character?

This webinar will explore how to use mediation, arbitration, or litigation to reverse inappropriate decisions before they are wrongly implemented. You’ll learn from a panel of four experienced conservation attorneys who have litigated on behalf of the Wilderness Act, and will share case studies of how wilderness litigation succeeded (or sometimes did not).


  • Dana Johnson, Staff Attorney, Wilderness Watch
  • Pete Frost, Attorney, Western Environmental Law Center
  • Laird Lucas, Executive Director, Advocates for the West
  • Talasi Brooks, Staff Attorney, Western Watersheds Project


Webinar #1: Love Your Wilderness Area?  Learn How to Protect It!

Thursday, April 21
12:00-1:30 MDT

This webinar will take a closer look at common violations in wilderness management, how land management agencies may create exceptions or fail to enforce the law, and what YOU can do to advocate for America’s wilderness areas. A panel of wilderness experts will explore:

  • The greatest threats to wilderness.
  • What and how management failures occur.
  • What you can do when you suspect inappropriate management or lack of enforcement.
  • Why it’s so difficult for wilderness managers to carry out the requirements of wilderness protection.


  • Anne Dal Vera, retired Wilderness Ranger, former South San Juan Broadband Leader
  • George Nickas, Executive Director of Wilderness Watch
  • Chris Barns, retired Educator with the Arthur Carhart Wilderness Training Center