Broadband members in masksThe Broads’ Story Project

In these times of COVID-19,  Broads instinctively turn to memories for solace, stories from our pasts that have shaped us and remain part of us, defining what we value and what gives us joy.


Broads’ board member Suez Jacobson leads this project. She is the executive producer of Wild Hope and a writer who is awed by wilderness and understands its power as a catalyst to think differently about our world.

Recalling her memories of the Boundary Waters, a place she had waited 50 years to visit restored her connection to nature’s resilience, and made her want to help share members’ stories of hope and resilience.


A part of the organization since its early beginnings, Karen shares stories of Broadwalk events she’s attended over the years (24—that we know of!) and how it gave her the opportunity to experience and learn about landscapes across the country that need protection. She shares how she’s honed her advocacy skills thanks to hanging out with Broads over the years.

Learn more about Broadwalks HERE.

Written and performed by Sky and Bobby Chaney and their band The Tumbleweedz from Kanab, Utah for Great Old Broads for Wilderness’ 20th Anniversary event held at Escalante Outfitters in Escalante, Utah in 2009.  


A long-time member, Sue shares a sampling of the many outdoor adventures she and her husband have shared over the years, including a Broads’ trip, where they learned about cryptobiotic soils, which changed the way they hiked. During this time of social distancing due to Covid, she emphasizes the importance of getting out into nature to deal with daily stresses.

Jeff Sambur, a writer, blogger, and Great Old Bro, pays tribute to his father, telling a story about a white pine that inspired Jeff’s career path and lifelong love of trees. Visit Jeff’s blog, A Wandering, Wondering Jew at where he writes about trees, travel, and life.

Barbara shares the story of her visits to Africa, and one trip when she volunteered to work with an HIV orphanage as a nurse consultant. She learned listening and humility and saw the amazing resilience of the people she served

Penni shares a story about her road trips through the beautiful Kananaskis region of Canada and how natural places are important to helping people cope with the isolation and constraints brought on by coronavirus.

Susan tells the story of Little Water Canyon, one of the region’s treasures filled with huge old-growth trees, rich bird life, and plant species not typically found in the area. She talks about efforts to protect the canyon and her work identifying invasive species in the Sandia Mountains.

Eliza is encircled in a riot of living color on a hike in the Adirondack Mountains. She sagely advises that we all celebrate “the wild” within us.

Betsy Caplan, now in her 80s, tells the story of when she climbed not just one, but two of Colorado’s formidable 14’er peaks in one day when she was 53.

Valoree tells a story about attending a “Broadwalk” in Escalante, Utah where she made life-long friends who worked together to make a building disappear. She shares the importance of being in nature and bringing wildness into our lives. Learn more about Broadwalks HERE.