Great Old Broads for Wilderness: Working to preserve & protect wilderness since 1989.

Great Old Broads for Wilderness is a national grassroots organization, led by women, that engages and inspires activism to preserve and protect wilderness and wild lands. Conceived by older women who love wilderness, Broads gives voice to the millions of Americans who want to protect their public lands as Wilderness for this and future generations. We bring knowledge, commitment, and humor to the movement to protect our last wild places on earth.

Broads in Action

Lincoln Park Arbor Day Festival

Apr. 21 – Grand Junction Broadband invites you to the exciting Lincoln Park Arbor Day Festival! This is a great time for members to engage the public in the efforts of our Broadband to preserve our treasured public lands.

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Great Old Broads for Wolves

Join Broads on a Broadwalk event in Colorado’s South San Juan Wilderness. Learn about Broads as they explore the reintroduction of wolves and the importance of connecting wild habitat.

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Broads’ Trail Work Party

Apr. 24 – Join the Cascade Volcanoes Broadband for a volunteer trail work party on the Bridge Trail at Beacon Rock State Park We’ll have fun, work hard and make a difference. No experience necessary.

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Thorn Creek Project

Apr. 27 – Idaho’s Palouse Broadband invites you to come learn about Thorn Creek Native Seed Farm with Jacie, the farm owner. 

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Jemez Service Project

Apr. 28 & May 12 – Join New Mexico’s Rio Grande Valley Broadband to work with Trout Unlimited to improve habitat through small rock placement and willow weir construction. Have fun, meet new people, and do good work!

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Pueblo Bonito Ruin - Chaco Canyon, New Mexico

Trip to Chaco Canyon

May 21–23 – Join Colorado’s Montezuma Broadband to explore and learn about what makes this cultural gem so special and how it is threatened.

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